ChicagoCHI is an ACM chapter of professionals from the Chicago metropolitan area, interested in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. Our members are multi-disciplinary: trained and interested in a diverse set of topics such as computer science, computer graphics, computer animation, graphic arts, usability, psychology, user interface design, user experience design, human factors, industrial design, ergonomics, education, and many many others.

What is sigchi

The ACM’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). We provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas among computer scientists, human factor scientists, psychologists, social scientists, systems designers and end users, of all aspects of HCI and advance education in HCI through workshops and outreach.


ChicagoCHI is the Chicago metropolitan area chapter of SIGCHI. Our members, from throughout Illinois, share ideas and experiences on the rapidly growing and changing area of how computers and people interact.



We have monthly gatherings in the Chicago metropolitan area, which are open to both members and non-members at no charge.


Additionally, we’re always looking for good speakers. If you would like to be considered or if you have someone to recommend, please make a referral.



You can read our bylaws here.

Who are members of chicagochi?

Our members have diverse backgrounds and are interested in all aspects of Human-Computer Interaction: From designing, implementing and using interactive computer-based systems, to researching and understanding the human-technology interface across many disciplines, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, industrial design, and ergonomics. Inventions like the Graphical-User Interface (GUI), the mouse, and Virtual Reality systems are the product of Human-Computer Interaction researchers, shaping the future and pushing the boundaries of HCI.

Why should i join chicagochi

Join ChicagoCHI to open the door to a wealth of HCI resources and people. We provide a connection to colleagues around the world through the SIGCHI website, email lists, the annual CHI conference, co-sponsored conferences, and a range of publications essential to keeping you up-to-date. Whatever your background in HCI, no matter what type of organization you work in, ChicagoCHI will connect you to colleagues who share your interests and relish the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for HCI with you.

ChicagoCHI officers

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Anthony Perritano


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Communications Officer